Technoparks at the top!

More and more Polish cities aims to achieve status of high-tech technology centre.

Almost every city which is a scientific and academic centre has Technopark - quotes "Gazeta Prawna". Next to 24 already existing, 9 parks are during the building process, and 12 are planned or prepared to be built farthest in 2013 - adds daily paper.

Main factor which starts building technoparks in Poland was a possibility of gaining funds from EU - EU's strategies assuming a significant financial aid for such initiatives, which arouses in 2004. Within an Operational Programme "Innovative Economy" EUR 105 million were booked for crucial initiatives. At the same time in Regional Operational Programme funds on building new and development of those existing parks and incubators were booked. For each city, if it invest in business incubator, it will get a chance of gaining domestic and foreign investors who will reassert potential of the region and cause an economic boost.

Technoparks develop the fastest in Silesia and Masovia as well as in Lesser Poland and Greater Poland - cradle of parks in Poland. It doesn't mean that incubators stay behind them. Technopark Łódz doesn't have any free space in its offer. Szczecin gained 60% of subsidy of investment process form EU funds.

The most wanted specializations, which cities want to achieve for its technoparks are i.a. cloud computing, e-health, e-administration, e-learning and web safety.

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