Sales and purchases of Polish Television

TVP SA wants to sell a building by Powstańców Warszawy square and plans to raise a new building by Woronicza St.

Polish Television wants to sale one of the two Warsaw located buildings located by Powstaców Warszaw square. Meanwhile, TVP plans to build a new location with studios, newsroom and offices near its main seat by Woronicza St. The procuring of the investment will be made possible also due to sales of some of the other, smaller buildings and a soccer field located on one of the grounds owned by the station.

We've decided to leave buildings located by Powstańców Warszawy square, because the separation of our Warsaw's department on two locations generates unnecessary costs. Moreover, the building located on Powstańców square is not fully functional. Unfortunately, it cannot be renovated with only some minor reparations. We have to build a new structure on Woronicza – tells us Juliusz Braun, Board President of TVP SA.

At the moment, in the building located by Powstańców Warszawy square, the seats of TVP Info and Television Information Agency are located. TVP plans to move its Warsaw's seat on a much bigger parcel on Woronicza St. The company wants to begin the projects in the next year and get necessary permits. Moreover, it plans to eradicate and old 11-floor office building. Its demolition has been ordered by construction supervision.

The new building will include modern news studios, newsroom and administration rooms. According to the Board President of TVP SA, the location will be created in accordance with patterns from Prague and Lisbon, i.e. in as simple a manner as possible, but including the necessary functionality of the interior. Not because the the number of administrative workers have increased, but because it will allow us to drop some unnecessary, almost barrack – like buildings located on the Woronicza parcel. We will be able to get rid of the majority of this land – explains Juliusz Braun. We even have a soccer field there, but we can't get rid of it as it's smack in the middle of the parcel.

The value of the investment has not been presented. In the last four years, TVP's budget has decreased by almost 30%, which is over 500 million zlotys. The company sales its real estate in the whole country, not forgetting about old, useless buildings.

The development of Woronicza will be financed by, among other actions, the sale of location by Powstańców Warszawy Sq. We want to set a bid, choose a proper buyer and sale the building with a delayed date of transfer of the building, so we could use the funds for investments – says Juliusz Braun. Most likely the construction will will not begin in the next year. There are several problems, such as complicated construction technology of an existing, soon to be demolished, building which will generate additional costs.    

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