See the new visualizations of the 'Skeletor'!

The citizens of Cracow anxiously await a permit for construction of Treimorfa Science and Technology Congress Centre.

The current owner of the 'Skeletor' - Treimorfa company, in which represented by Verity Development, Eurozone Fund and GD&K Group have their shares – await for the construction permit.

We're on the permit phase of the project, as on the 2nd of September we've placed an application for the construction permit and we await for it to be examined by Architecture Department – says Paulina Legut, Vice – President of Project Management Department in GD&K Group. We hope to receive a permit on the December of this year and soon after we want to begin the writing of bid specification. If everything will go as planned, we will begin the actual construction in the middle of the next year.

The authors of Treimorfa Science and Technology Cognress Centre project are architects from DDJM. They have presented new visualizations of the project.

According for the structural plan of the area on which the Treimorfa office building will be located, i.e. 'Lubomirskiego – Bieliny – Prażmowskiego', the location can be supplemented until it reaches 102,5 m, which is in accordance with the permit of Province's Monuments Conservator. In the building's surroundings, a number of smaller, 40 meter high buildings present on the visualizations, will be created. Free for all square will also be created in front of the 'Skeletor', accessible from the Lubomirskiego St. Pedestrian tracks, such as the one connecting the office building with nearby University of Economy with Lubomirskiego St. will be created.

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