New office building in the area of Pommeranian Special Economic Area.

SKAT Transport creates its new seat close to the Gdańsk Airport.

A new seat of transport and logistics company SKAT Transport is currently being created in the area of Pommeranian Special Economic Area, on the grounds of Gdańsk Airport. The investment is due to be finished in the second half of 2014. The office building will offer 2586 sqm of space on the levels.

Due to the dynamic growth of the company and increased spatial needs made the creation of new office building a necessity. Apart from a much bigger space and modern equipment, the localization is a huge advantage of the new seat. The proximity of an airport and airport Cargo terminal will be very beneficial to our business and nearness of Pommeranian Metropolis Railway station will be very convenient to our employees. We will also conduct operations in Pommeranian Special Economic Area – says Waldemar Łazarczyk, Head of SKAT Transport Sp. Z o.o..

The office building will derive from the company's operations, its colours and graphic signs via the elements of the equipment and the building's exterior.

SKAT Transport has begun its operations in 1991 and currently employs over 200 employees. The main seat of the company is located in Gdańsk and other seats are located in Rzepina, Piotrków Trybunalski, Katowice, Świeć and Poznań. The company operates in the area of transport and international as well as local shipping.

The general contractor of the building is Zakład Robót Ogólnobudowlanych Stanisław Repiński. The architectural design has been created by 'Zygzuła' – Biuro Projektów Andrzej Zygzuła.  

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