Bangladeshi Noble Prize Winner: the crisis is a result of capitalism

Muhammad Yunus convinces that the socially responsible, not profit oriented business may be the proper response for the crisis.

Crisis is the price we pay for the capitalistic system, as it makes every man rush into one direction – the profit. This system makes us very selfish. We don't take our time to actually acknowledge the impact we make on other people and the planet. In such, traditional business we create problems, instead of solving them – says Muhammad Yunus, Peace Noble Prize Winner and the creator of the microcredits concept.


According to the Noble Prize Winner, the world crisis can be overcome with a socially responsible business, which main attribute is decline of the profit oriented mentality. According to Yunus, the primary aim of the entrepreneurs should be combating the poverty, unemployment, disease and homelessness. The companies should function in a way which facilitates the living conditions of a certain group of people. Instead of maximising the profit, they should focus on, for example, increasing the number of workplaces. This is what's social business is all about. The creation of business not for myself or for the money. The only thing I expect is for the invested money to be returned. In comparison to the profit oriented business, my company is 'non-profit', as it focuses on solving the problems – explains Muhammad Yunus, bringing up the example of his Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. It gives microcredits, sometimes worth barely only several dollars, enabling the poor citizens the possibility to develop their own businesses. Almost every client of Grameen Bank are women. The bank's operations was one of the factors which resulted in giving Yunus his Nobel Prize.


Muhammad Yunus points out, that microcredits have gaine 8,5 million clients in Bangladesh and are increasingly popular also in the well developed countries. In the New York alone, Grameen Bank has opened six locations and microcredits were taken by 14 000 women. An average lone size in the U.S. is 1500 dollars.


The Noble Prize Winner states, that only this way of conducting business will make the crisis disappear. We create business to sole problems. Your company has made profit, but you shouldn't take it, because you've created a company to solve problems. If you have both things at the same time, you gradually learn to solve the problem without creating new problems as it was before – you become more responsible – comments Yunus.


According to him, if similar change does not occur in the business, next crisis will be more severe. If you will work only here and now to beat the crisis, it will come back very fast and it will be even worse, because your not solidifying the foundations, but covering it up. I'm not interested in such superficial matters. I want fundamental changes - he states. 

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