New limitations in dress code

The office trends concerning the outfit of the employees are changing. Companies, such as Newsweek and are introducing harsher requirements.

A shocking change is taking place in the dress code. In the last years we noticed a somewhat loosening of the rules concerning the outfit. However, at this moment the companies are changing their approach towards the employees’ looks by introducing more severe requirements.  

One can see a change in some companies in which dress code had been a secondary issue. Some companies, like Newsweek, have exacerbated the outfit related rules. A more restrictive dress code has been introduced which requires the employees to show up at work in a more formal outfit. The regulations include even such matters as the color of hair, as it should be natural. Probably the loosening has went too far and someone has decided to make a company stand out a little more, by introducing such formal restrictions concerning the outfit – said Andrzej Gojny, management advisor in Agonista.

Another company that has taken such a step is The authorities of this company have decided that one cannot arrive at work in jeans and sneakers.

The formalization of the outfit or forcing the employees to arrive at work dressed in a more elegant manner, will cause a bigger respect amongst workers towards the conducted work, a totally new approach to it – explains Andrzej Gojny. 

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