A new office building soon to be created in Szczecin.

Alkon office building which is currently under construction in Szczecin
The office building will be created by Firlika St. in Szczecin
The construction of a new office building by Firlika St. in Szczecin will begin in November.

Security Company Alkon plans the construction of a new office building in Szczecin. The construction works by Firlika St.  will begin in November and will last 18 months.

The project is financed by JESSICA initiative. The help from the program is estimated at 5 634 000 zlotys which makes up for the 75 percent of qualified expense.

The office building will offer about 2140 sqm of space on four levels (no more than 540 sqm on each level). The majority of space will be used as offices, including two conference rooms with a mobile separation which can be removed and create one bigger conference hall – says Sebastian Błoński, the project’s director. About 120 sqm will be left out for commercial location with a separate entrance.

The general contractor is Calbud from Szczecin.

Alkon is present on the Szczecin’s market since 1993. It provides services in the area of protection of people and properties, monitoring, installation and conservation of alarm systems, security during bigger events and convoying of money transports. 

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