LC Corp emits 50 million zlotys worth of bonds

The board of LC Corp S.A. has informed of the emission of 5 year, unsecured bonds worth 50 million zlotys.

On the 31st of October of the current year, LC Corp has conducted an emission of a 5 year, unsecured coupon bonds in accordance with the Bonds Emission Program Deal signed with Pekao Bank S.A. and BRE Bank S.A., both with the seat in Warsaw.


The bonds have been emitted as bearer securities, unsecured, dematerialized and in coupons.


The purchase of the bonds, according to their nominal value, has been set on the 30th of October 2018. The interest will be paid in six months periods. One bond has been evaluated at 100 000 zlotys. In total, LC Corp has emitted 500 bonds giving a total value of 50 million zlotys.


A complete value of financial bonds, in accordance with the last quarter's report, was estimated at 512, 7 million zlotys on the date of 30th of June 2013. Predicted value of the financial bonds up to the time of total purchase of the bonds is estimated at 800 million zlotys.


LC Corp S.A. controls a group of primary financial developer companies, creating commercial and housing investments in the biggest cities of Poland. The majority of the company's shares lies in the hands of dr Leszek Czarnecki, who controls also the GETIN Holding S.A. financial group. The company has in its portfolio such commercial investments as Sky Tower in Wrocław, Arkady Wrocławskie and Wola Center in Warsaw. The company is currently creating a new office investment in the hearth of Katowice by Roździeńskiego 10 Ave.

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