The new leaseholder in SBC

Sodexo is going to move in to Sterling Business Center.

The lease agreement for surface in Sterling Business Center, an office building located in Lodz, was concluded between the investor - Hines,  and Sodexo, a firm offering services in complex solutions for real properties. In this way, Sodexo have become one of the tenants, joining, among others: Philips, Budimex, Plano-Invest, Arboretum, Tate & Late and Rule Financial.

The subject of the contract is the service surface, which the leaseholder wants to use for catering services for SBC’s personnel.

The unusual body of the building is the piece of work of Aedas, an international architectural studio. The owner of the building operates in Poland since 1997 and have in their portfolio investments in Warsaw, Lodz as well as in Gdansk. Metropolitan was the first office building, the second was SBC, Lodz, whereas in works associated with the Gdansk-Wrzeszcz investment are being conducted in Gdansk.

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