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Support for the vital sectors of the economy

Support for the vital sectors of the economy

The program for support of vital for polish economy investments for years 2011-2020, was prepared by specialists from Ministry of Economy and was approved by the government. The support for enterprises is planned to increase the competitiveness and innovativeness of Polish economy.

The grants are aimed at investors who want to pursue processes in one of the vital sectors of the economy, including, among others: research and development, aviation, electrical and automotive as well as modern services and biotechnology sectors. The necessity of belonging to one of the aforementioned sectors is not a prerequisite to obtain the government support provided that the costs covered by the support amount to at least 1 bn PLN, and the project is planned to provide at least 500 new workplaces.

A company in order to receive the support must apply for recommendation of Miedzyresortowy Zespol ds. Inwestycji o Istotnym Znaczeniu dla Gospodarki Polskiej. After receiving it, Ministerstwo Gospodarki sings a contract with an entrepreneur and provides the grant for the indicated project.  The introduced grant system excludes possibility of obtaining support in case when an investor has already received support from other sources, including EU grants or benefits resulting from conducting operations within SEZ.

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