Polish companies are a competition to the French ones

The cooperation between Polish and French companies is improving. French entrepreneurs are starting to treat Polish companies as a competition, especially in construction and transportation sectors.

French entrepreneurs are starting to treat Polish companies as a growing competition for their products and services, especially in construction and services sectors. Low prices offered by Polish companies are guaranteed by a relatively weak PLN, which is also one of the primary arguments for authorities of France to strive for the Polish introduction to the Euro zone.


So far our exporters are supported by zloty, but assuming that Poland will not forever remain a country of assembling the cars for German vehicles producers, the advantage of currency will start to wear off and we will join the Euro zone in the next few years – comments Maciej Witucki, the President of General Board of TP SA and the Head of French Industry and Commerce Chamber in Poland.


Entering the Euro zone by Poland will decrease its competitiveness. At the moment in France, we're considered to be solid suppliers and contractors. The presence of small and average Polish companies in Poland is very important. Many structures in France are being raised in the cooperation with Polish companies and not only in the area of simple pouring concrete foundations or raising brick walls. We're present and recognizable maybe not as hi-tech companies, but as very solid suppliers – says Maciej Witucki.


French companies invest in Poland in various sectors, such as: finances, motorization, communication and energy including nuclear energy. On the beginning of October, the French ministry for industrial development issues has presented a list of 34 subjects in which France wants to develop in the new industrial era in the next century. It includes motorization, aviation, aerospace and telecommunication. Apart from that, we can see in Poland presence of many companies from a finances and banking sectors – confirms Maciej Witucki.    

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