Development of Grzybowska 85A

Office complex will be built in Warsaw. A contract on partial crediting of this investment has been signed.

Coo-partnership Warszawa Przyokopowa, which runs within LC Corp SA Group, received EUR 49 million loan on construction of office complex at Grzybowska 85A Street in Warsaw. Land has a space of 12822sqm. Three apartments and office i.a. Platinum Tower, Pekao Tower and Hilton hotel are located at this Street.

Raiffeisen Bank Polska SA granted a loan. Despite investment loan, coo-partnership will have a chance to dispose of revolving credit PLN 6,6 million designed as tax financing. Contract between coo-partnership and bank was signed on 15th July.

Complex will be located in the neighbourhood of Warsaw Upraising Museum. Despite an office space, commercial base will be built. LC Corp SA has executed projects of some housing estates and Arkady Wrocławskie which are commercial and office complex.

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