American market experiencing an improvement In May

United States: prices of commercial real properties has risen for the first time in 6 months

The prices of real property in the Unites States have risen for the first time during last 6 months. – informs „Home Broker Daily”.

According to Moody’s the monthly increase in May was at level of 6, 3 percent. However, compared to the last year situation the decline is still noticeable. When compared to May 2010 we will notice that prices were lower by 11 percent. Since the apex of the October 2007, they have decreased by 46 percent. Satisfaction with the result from May is diminished by the fact that the month earlier the real property value hit a new record of low prices. Moody’s data dates from 2000. Similarly to the housing market a large part of the market are real properties seized from debtors who failed to discharge liabilities. This figure equals 30 percent in the commercial segment and 27 percent in case of commercial segment. In both cases it put pressure on prices.



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