Plans versus money

An office building, housing Centrum Obsługi Klienta, is going to be constructed at Centralna street, Krakow.

Office building housing Centrum Obslugi Inwestora is going to be the place integrating departments of City Hall of Krakow associated with procedures of investment implementation, among others: Architektury i Urbanistyki, Strategii i Rozwoju Miasta as well as Biura Planowania Przestrzennego. It is Claudio Nardi’s third project. However, the issue of  financing the construction, which is going to cost approximately 200 m PLN, has not been solved.

One considered option is use of the municipal budget to finance the works, however, the investment has not been included in municipality’s long term financial plan up to 2033. Therefore, the more probable is construction in the form of the public-private partnership. One of the solutions taken into consideration is renting the office building, built by a private investor, to the municipality - informs “Dziennik Polski”.

Administrative and social factors, aside of lack of the financial plan, are next obstacles awaiting construction of the city hall. First of all, authorities have to acquire a construction permit because the previous one was annulled by the governor. The next problem concerns protests of local residents who do not want the new building to be constructed in place of recreational areas, the playground and sports field.

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