Cocoon of entrepreneurship

A ravaged pavilion of Szpital Czerwonego Krzyża, Powisle is going to be converted into a modern Centrum Przedsiebiorczosci.

Demolition of an old pavilion at Smolna 6, Warsaw has begun. Due to its poor state only foundations and some of the walls are going to be kept. The new centre that is to be constructed in this place is going to be a 2-storey office building of 1 200 sq. m. of usable space.

Centrum Przedsiebiorczosci in Warsaw is being constructed for people with a vision for their business, who start or are already developing their business. It is going to offer help of advisors, lawyers, accountants as well as conference rooms, and, what is more, an office or a desk per hour. Services are going to be paid, at the same time being cheaper in terms of prices on the free market.

The overall cost of the investment, including the interior furnishing, is estimated at 10 m PLN. The centre is scheduled to open in late 2012. There are more investments supporting development of entrepreneurship in plans. Hanna Gromkiewicz-Waltz, the mayor, states that similar centres will be constructed at Towarowa and Filarowa streets.

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