Doraco is going to build an office building in Gdansk

The DORACO Construction Corporation won the tender for construction of GARG, an office building located in Gdansk.

The DORACO Construction Corporation is the contractor of Centrum Administracyjno-Usługowe in Pomorskie Centrum Logistyczne w Gdansku.


The works are going to cover the design and construction of the office building, with the approximate surface of 8300 sq. m. Furthermore, Doraco is going to develop the land of at least 1.5 ha in the design and build system.


The investment is going to be financed from the Jessica Fund. The office building is going to be completed in the spring of 2015.


The investor is Gdanska Agencja Rozwoju Gospodarczego InvestGDA (Gdansk Economic Development Agency.).


The DORACO Construction Corporation is active on the building market in the entire Poland. They offer general contracting of investment projects (in the design and build system).  The company belongs to the Hass Holding group of companies. During the 22 years of operation Doraco implemented several dozen of investments, the value of which exceeded several hundred million euro.


Gdansk Economic Development Agency (InvestGDA) is the development agency associated with the city of Gdansk. The agency was established in 2008 and their shars belong to the city of Gdansk in 100 per cent. InvestGDA deals with, among others, sale and lease of belonging to GARG investment lads, promotion of investment projects of Gdanski Obszar Metropolitalny (Gdansk Metropolitan Area), providing service for Polish and foreign investors, support of new and already operating investors in the region as well as organisation of conferences, trade exhibitions and business missions. In addition, InvestGDA offers consulting services related to, among others: feasibility studies and possibility studies as well as conducting and accounting financial projects.

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