Companies are searching for executives

Companies recruiting executives are experiencing the market recovery. New companies entering the Polish market or creating new departments are often searching for executives.

Signs of the market recovery are visible in the number of commissions for companies recruiting management staff. This year’s first quarters were a bit slow, now the market’s pace has increased. Visible in this quarter market recovery is the result of larger number of projects in our industry. This year we have more start-up projects not only for exchange of employees but also for new companies – says for the agency Paulina Baranowska, the managing partner of Horton International Poland, the company dealing with recruitment of managing staff.



This tendency is accompanied by the economic growth, which is visible in the improving macroeconomic index numbers of the third quarter of this year. Creation of new workplaces has gained momentum in the last few weeks of the year. The crisis is a favourable time for changes at the highest level and then, we search for new people for the given post. However, when the economy is growing, new companies, which are in need of executives, are emerging – explains Paulina Borkowska.


The executive search market in Poland is relatively young and undeveloped when compared with countries of Eastern Europe and USA. What we have here is space for development – mainly for all corporations for which executive search companies are already working and which still require additional services. However, it is also a possibility for education of company owners to show them the added value of the executive search (the search for high level candidates) and how beneficial it may be for a company – comments the representative of Horton International Poland.


In November Executive People, a company dealing with recruitment of the high level executives, became the partner of Horton International – international head-hunter company. Joining an international network gives us the upper hand – comments Paulina Baranowska. The next year we want to appear in new sectors. This year, it were construction and telecommunication branches. In the next year we want to enter the energy, logistics and fuel sectors. 

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