ECO Technologically advanced office block under construction in Katowice

Visualization of Brynów Center I in Katowice
Brynów Center I, under construction in Katowice, equipped with, among others, trigeneration system, is to be completed in the third quarter of the current year.

Brynów Center I is under construction at the intersection of Gawronów and Kościuszki Streets in Katowice. The building will offer commercial and office space and, apart from the tenants’ premises, it will host also the Silesia Science and Technology Park. Silesia Science and Technology Park is a part of Katowice School of Technology and is intended as the centre of commericialising knowledge and technology.


The office block offers 11 196 sq. m on six floors. Three floors are assigned to offices, one to commercial and service space, whereas two underground ones - to car park. Office space can be adapted both for open-space as well as closed study rooms.


Brynów Center I will be distinguished by advanced installations producing energy, thanks to which it would not be a typical “consumer” office block, but rather a “prosumer” one. This means that it will produce electricity, heat and cold for its own needs. In the building, there will be the installation based on trigeneration system, which produces heat, and by making use of Carnot cycle, ensures cooling in warm weather. The use of trigenerative engine results also in generating electricity. Combining this installation with photovoltaic system will allow to get a kind of independence from external energy sources. The surplus will be transferred to the electrical grid. In front of the building, there will be a charging station for electric vehicles. Efficient control of the entire installation in the building is to be provided by introducing BMS system and SCADA platform.


Architects Marek Skwara, Arkadiusz Hołda, Grzegorz Grys and Mirosław Polak are responsible for the design of the building, whereas Bartłomiej Lach - for interior designs and visualisations integrating additional technologies. The cost of constructing the building, together with all the systems, is estimated at about 50 million zloty. The project is co-financed by Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice and National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.


Brynów Center I is to be completed in the third quarter of 2014, while in the first quarter of the current year, Piotr and Paweł delicatessen will be opened on the ground floor. Currently, works related to installation are in progress, as well as assembly works on window woodwork, ventilation system and preparation to assemble photovoltaic installation.

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