250 million Euro to combat unemployment among young people

In the new budget perspective of European Union, Poland is to get a quarter of a billion Euro to combat unemployment among young people.

The government plans to allot the assigned funds to, among others, training and migration vouchers. According to the announcement, the vouchers will have the value of 10 000 zloty each, just like employment vouchers. The money will be given to a company which agrees to take on a young person as a trainee or an employee.


The employer will probably be able to get support to cover the remuneration of the trainee, or perhaps also non-pay labour costs or the adjustment of the workplace. The employer should organise training programmes without any fears. These funds are to be non-refundable, which is another advantage, comments Marcin Kotus from Feender.pl, a company which facilitates search for internships and practice.


To support occupational mobility, Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, the minister of labour and social policy, plans to introduce also migration vouchers with a value of 7500 zloty each. It will be given to people who want to move because of professional reasons, at least 80 kilometres away from their previous place of residence. It is supposed to be support, for instance, to rent a flat in the new place, says Marcin Kotus.


However, experts warn against the possibility of abuses, connected with the vouchers for the young people. Employers may abuse this support by employing trainees as cheap labour force only for the duration of the training programme. Nobody would think about prolonging the employment, but only about taking advantage of the trainee in a given period. Therefore, it is a good idea for companies which organise training programmes to give prospect of future employment. A good practice might be, for instance, cooperation with companies which previously organised training programmes or internships or which committed themselves to organising them in the future, explains Marcin Kotus.


In addition, according to government plans, the students nearing graduation or graduates up to four years after graduation will be able to get a low-interest loan up to 70 000 zloty for starting their own business.

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