K-S SEZ issued two new business licences

Germans and the Spanish are locating their investment in Kostrzyn near Oder.

Kostrzyn-Slubice Special Economic Zone has issued two business licenses for activity within K-S SEZ. New companies will represent biofuel and automotive industries.

The first undertaking is going to include construction of a factory – Green Source Poland sp. Z o.o., which is going to produce bioethanol used in fuel production as well as DDGS feed components. SNIACE, a Spanish company, is the investor, the investment itself is considered as the most important one of the 2011. Along with the investment expenditure at amounting to 737.43 m, PLN there will be increase in employment to the level of 101 employees (February 2019).

Gedia Poland Assembly sp. Z o.o. is going to extend their activity in Nowa Sol. The entrepreneur has pledged to increase employment by at least 10 new employees and expenditure increase by over 9.45 m PLN by the end of March 2014. Elements of chassis and new models of General Motors will expand production.

Since the beginning of 2011 until 2011, our company has issued 6 business licences for activity in K-S SEZ in total. The overall declared value of investments currently amounts to 818.7 m PLN and the declared number of newly created workplaces is 208 – informed representatives of K-S SEZ.

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