The Attractive Poland

The number of foreign investment in Poland is increasing.

According to research conducted by “Rzeczpospolita” the number of foreign investment in Poland is increasing.

Agreements with 83 firms, which want to invest approximately 3.3 bn. PLN, have signed been signed in the first six months of this year in Special Economic Zones (SEZs). It means a growth by 85 per cent and 80 per cent more of total declared expenditure in 2010.

Among various zones in the ranking of the record expenditure won: Kistrzynsko-Slubicka (over 890 m PLN), Katowicka Zone (450 m PLN) as well as Tarnobrzeska Zone (408.5 m PLN) and Walbrzyska (almost 405 m PLN). These results represent a significant development for these regions, aside of the new investments there will be created new workplaces – i.e. 1129 new workplaces will be created in the Legnicka Zone.

Foreign investors do not concentrate solely on SEZ. According to data, which were acquired by “Rzeczpospolita” from National Bank of Poland, the foreign investors will spend this year (altogether) 5.9 bn. Euro that is 23 per cent more than the last year.

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