Cornerstone for new Katowice center

The ceremony of settig in stone in place of slip road underground

New Katowice center is integrated complex communicative-comercial-official. Investment is realized togather with NEINVER and Polish National railways.

The most important part of the ceremony was subscribing the document, which was putted into tube called "time capsule" togather with the covers of actual local journals, polish and spanish coins. Instead of traditional cormerstone, in foundation of new Katowice center, there is a special secured memory chip including scans of hands over one thousand of residents from Katowice and this region,  which were collected during action Put your hand to new Katowice center. One of the main decoration element during this ceremony were sunflowers, which are the symbol of Katowice during the European Capital of Culture 2016

The functional area of the complex will be comparative with the area of 27 playing fields of Slaski Stadium in Chorzów, and it will be used over 115 000 cubic meters during the building.

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