Poles are building in St. Petersburg

Office building Zeppelin in St. Petersburg
Office building Zeppelin in St. Petersburg
Polish Unibep company develops its activities in Russia – builds Zeppelin office in St. Petersburg, as well as trying to acquire new contracts. Is the crisis between Russia - the European Union will not prevent the implementation of plans?

Anxiety of European investors raises announced by the Pride of Russia to repeal the law that prevents the government banning the activities of companies from Western countries, especially those perceived as "aggressors" (and it is worth noting that the Russian parliament late last month started a discussion on the introduction of such a concept to local laws). Is in the near future may therefore be the first expropriations?

European (including Polish) investors rather those not afraid, on the contrary, they are trying to gain new contracts. Our investments look very good, they are safe in financial terms. The largest contract, which concludes, that the Hilton in Moscow, is financed by Polish banks, by KUKE insured. The money goes directly to the Polish bank to our account, of course after work - says Leszek Gołąbiecki investor, chairman of the Board and Director of CEO Unibep SA.

Unibep is building in Russia as office buildings, one of the objects - a office and apartment complex on the surface of ​​34 000 sqm. formed in the city of Tyumen on the border with Kazakhstan, and the other named Zeppelin is implemented in St. Petersburg on behalf of a company is belonging to the Austrians for the amount of 88.5 million zloty. What’s more, the company Unibep is trying to develop its activities in Russia, and the value of tenders in which participates, is estimated at approx. 3.5 billion zloty. Although it is impossible to miss fluctuations in the share price Unibep conditioned voltage around Ukraine. The company's shares remain currently at 7.2 zloty, while at the end of last year, reached the value of 9 zloty.

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