Is the new tax regulations deterred investors?

Taxation of foreign companies and the clause to circumvent the tax law - these are the main changes resulting from the new rules coming into force from January of 2015.

The Ministry of Finance has introduced, among others, taxation of controlled foreign companies, aiming to close the road to tax optimization through the creation of companies in the countries in which there is lower than in Poland taxation of earned income, plus Poland does not have them signed international agreements to ensure cooperation in the exchange of tax information.

Among entrepreneurs, concern is the addition of a clause to circumvent the provision of tax law, the tax authorities giving a large field of free interpretation, for example, in checking whether the restructuring carried out in the company did not seek to avoid taxation. For entrepreneurs it will be associated with the storage of multiple documents and creating justifications for inspection by officials.

Among the successive changes introduced after the New Year will be to reduce tax costs offsetting loans from related parties. The proposed solutions increase the tax base, which on one hand will increase revenue for the Treasury, but on the other - can deter current and future investors. The effect may be counterproductive and will be downloaded less money from taxes. Companies can give up part of their investment intentions - says Monika Ławnicka, tax adviser Accreo.

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