Anxiety in the Polish economy

Businesses are increasingly concerned the sanctions imposed by the European Union to Russia and the answers that can hit, among others, in the Polish construction.

Increased to 4.9 points IRG SE barometer - an indicator showing the situation in the Polish economy over the last three months of 2014. It is about 0.2 points more than in the previous quarter. In respect of the year, a marked improvement is 7.6 points. It is a signal that the economy there is something disturbing - says prof. Elżbieta Adamowicz, co-author of the study and director of the Economic Development Institute School of Economics. - We expected a much larger improvement.

Cause anxiety among traders run eastern border military action, imposed economic sanctions on Russia and its answer in the form of an embargo on the supply of products and services. Big drop in optimism recorded, among others, in construction, trade, transport, agriculture and manufacturing. These are all areas of economic activities in which the situation is getting worse, or the changes are so slight that the margin of error. Let us remember that the third quarter is the period of peak seasonal activity. During the last three months of seasonal factors will no longer be affected positively, and even the negative impact of the political situation likely to continue to increase - says prof. Elżbieta Adamowicz.

The study School of Economics shows that in the coming months to reduce the activity does not have to fear only the banking sector, in which the upturn in excess of the average of the period and indicate the sector entrepreneur, leading financial activities.

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