2 thousand cars for Polish entrepreneurs

The European Union channeled grants for purchase of Toyota and Lexus cars by small and medium companies functioning in Poland. They may count on additional payment amounting 9 per cent of the credit. What to do in order to profit from a bailout?

In order to profit from a bailout, a new car must emit at least 20 per cent of carbon dioxide less than a previous vehicle used by the company. This programme was started by Toyota concern in cooperation with Deutsche Bank. There are 40 million euro from European means to spend – it should be enough for purchase of ca. 2 thousand cars.

First additional payment should start in February 2015. Primarily, it will be addressed to entrepreneurs who meet requirements set by the European Union till the end of this year. In the future, the payment will take place twice a year. The another one is planned on August 2015.

If an entrepreneur, who currently uses a car, decides to benefit from the programme and changes his car on Toyota, using the funding of Deutsche Bank, he obtains the grant which equals 9 per cent of the credit contracted on the purchase of this car – explains Witold Nowicki, business manager in Toyota Motor Poland. – However, it is not Deutsche Bank or Toyota which pays extra to the purchase of a car for small and medium enterprises, but the European Union.

The credit in Deutsche Bank will be granted with zero commission and the lending rate amounting 4,9 per cent. All formalities, in turn, may be completed in Toyota car showroom or Lexus – a brand which belongs to Toyota Motor Corporation concern. We are minimizing procedures and the whole proceeding is confined to visiting a dealer station and filling in a number of documents – points out Witold Nowicki. – It will be enough to prove in a very simple way, and we help in it, that the reduction of at least 20 per cent of carbon dioxide’s emission occurs, which also means that the car consumes less fuel.

According to data given by Paweł Dziekoński, director of credit products department in Deutsche Bank, currently there are ca. 2 million company cars (including the leased ones) in Poland. Part of them emit large quantities of carbon dioxide, and the time of using a car in small as well as medium companies totals ca. 6-7 years. On the one hand, the European Union programme includes a small number of cars. On the other hand, it may quicken the turnover of cars in Poland. This benefit from exchange is reciprocal for the society and for the company – explains Paweł Dziekoński. The offer of funding with grant, which we are proposing, makes our credit cheaper than an ordinary leasing offer on the market, and simultaneously we satisfy the preferences of clients.

Small companies often decide to come into possession of a car, thanks to which they increase their value. A credit with support may turn out to be a good way to finance a vehicle. So far, small and medium enterprises have often decided to lease a car.

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