Will SEZ last?

Ministerstwo Gospodarki has a new plan for SEZ, which are going to be converted into clusters.

Ministerstwo Gospodarki has a new plan for SSE – informs “Rzeczpospolita”. Zones, which according to the accepted plan will function to 2020, would be converted into clusters. The process have basically begun – in SEZ located in Pomerania companies have amassed around Sharp and Lafarge, aviation sector dominated Mielec and motorization – Katowice.

Creation of zones for a specified period is one of the main factors making it difficult to attract new investors. Those who want to create assembly lines or build factories, may not manage to reap benefits in form of, among others, income tax reliefs, because the payback period is long – as we read in “Rzeczpospolita”.

Conversion SEZ into clusters would result in many possibilities. The first is the extension of the operating time of the zones. The next one is the concentration of firms operating in the same industry, which are linked with infrastructure in form of subcontractors, science and technological parks, higher education facilities and local governments. Interaction is beneficial – aside of use of the tax relief it enables lowering the activity costs, facilitates solving technical and technological problems and the acquisition of the market information.

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