Deregulation of construction professions still causes disputes

In force from 10th October, the bill which deregulates construction professions still causes controversies.

The Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers warns that the deregulation of professions may hinder the way to work in occupations related to construction to young specialists. The deregulation concerns not only the profession of an architect, but also other construction occupations. It was supposed to facilitate young people to take a job. However, we should ask if it meets those expectations? In my opinion – no, and even reversely, in some cases it extends this road – believes Andrzej Roch Dobrucki, chairman in the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. There is a number of law understatements which complicate this issue.


In accordance with the bill, which was signed by Bronisław Komorowski and concerns facilitation of the access to perform some regulated occupations, to the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers belong all people who have the full or limited privileges to design gained after 1st January 1995. This trade is mostly disunited by the argument about the belonging of construction engineers to the Chamber of Architects, to which the novelization granted some rights to design in the corral development.


Andrzej Dobrucki believes that the occupations of construction engineers and architects should complete each other and not be competitive. Engineers have limited design and architectural rights, architects – limited construction and building rights. The construction engineer is responsible for safety and right development of the building, while the architect is only responsible for its looks.


First and foremost, regulated occupations are those which concern issues related to safety of life, health and property of people. The question is if the architect is responsible for it? The answer is following: the architect no, the engineer yes – convinces chairman in PIIB. The solid of the building is not only the foundations, walls, color, position of windows and shape, but mainly those things which are present inside. That is the whole form of technical internal installations and their functioning. There are the things which are related to modernity and proper usage of energy by passive and intelligent buildings.


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The Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers is afraid of the fact that construction engineers, who are now the members of the Chamber of Architects, will not be properly represented by this self-government. The Chamber of Architects is against to extend design privileges.

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