Is big data a business of the future?

International ICT corporations are coming into the Polish market more and more persistently. The management of great amounts of data is a very competitive sector and it also generates big profits.

Currently, the most development area is of course big data – thinks Dariusz Baran, country manager in Atos Poland. – Today in Poland there are no such solutions, at least in such a size which clients expect. A client needs new business models created on the basis of big data solutions. Such possibilities will appear in any moment. Our company takes part in few tender proceedings, in which it is using elements of big data, for instance in solutions of Fraud Management Systems (FMS) type, which companies from telecommunication, insurance and bank sectors are interested in.


The growing interest of big data area causes the lowering amount of devices which generate huge sets of data and growing need for services of managing data. The potential of big data together with cloud computing and digital safety are confirmed by a conducted operation of the takeover of Bull company by Atos with 620 million euro. The rifle led to rising of the largest company of cloud, cyber security and big data sector in Europe. Currently, our challenge is to integrate Bull and Atos companies all over the world. It is another step in the direction of development our company and increase our service portfolio. Thanks to this takeover we will be more strong not only in the area of big data, but also in cloud computing and cyber security, which is the future of IT service devices in our opinion – says Dariusz Baran.


The director in Atos Poland judges that the competition in Poland, just as in other countries, is very big on this market. The present local companies with a stabilized position, which have been existing for years, have to meet the competition of large international players. I think that nothing will really change here. The competition will be our everyday life. However, we are convinced that Polish and international companies will not give up and it is the best news for clients.


There are still a lot of areas to develop. Atos has been functioning mainly in the telecommunications sector for years. Currently, it puts on the public sector, for which European funds are intended. The example is e-administration which has been the priority of the government for many years. According to Polish chairman of Polish company’s department, the energetics is becoming more and more promising market.


The effect of the popularization of new technologies will be designs for IT companies which will have to elaborate the whole systems bottom-up.  

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