500 million from the Ministry

From 17th November of the current year, students, graduates and unemployed in the whole Poland will have the possibility to benefit from „Wsparcie w starcie” program. The Ministry will assign 500 million zlotys for that aim till 2021.

The unemployed people, regardless of age and registered in the labor office; graduates from private or public universities in the period of 4 years from the date of receiving a diploma; graduates from secondary schools in the period from 4 years from the date of receiving a diploma and also students on the last year of their studies may try to receive a low interest-bearing credits to start their own businesses. The program was prepared by the Ministry of Labor, Social Policy and Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego which has already signed contracts with lending institutions professionally engaged in service of applications and consultancy.


„Wsparcie w starcie” is a concrete help for young people planning to enter the labor market. Among graduates and students there are many venturesome people who have ideas on their businesses. I am glad that we are helping them in realization of their plans – says Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, Minister of Labor and Social Policy.


Each person who wants to get a loan may count on 20 times of an average remuneration intended for the start of the business (currently 74 800 zlotys) and additionally not more than 22 thousand zlotys on creating working places. The loan repayment period will last till 7 years with the possibility of a waiting period till one year. The interest rate of loans are on the level of ¼ rediscount rate on bills of exchange.


Conditions of granting a loan include i.a. filing an application in a proper financial institutions to each voivodeship along with simplified business plan of an undertaking.

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