Offices will be built

Murapol, company which invests in apartments and commercial buildings, quotes an increase.

An increase of another office investments can be expected. One of the biggest developers of Southern Poland, Bielsko's Murapol company scored PLN 80,2 million of proceeds and PLN 20,9 million of net profit. As coo-partnership quoted in a press release, an increase of net profit reached 29% in a relation to the previous year.

Michał Sapota, a vice-charman of the coopartnership said that he expects that a good situation will last in the next months of 2011. He showed as an example April which is prognosticating as a peak month in Murapol's selling.

Murapol which plans a debut on Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) is executing flat investments, commercial offers can be found in its offer since 2009. Service and office centres are located in the independent buildings totally designed as commercial activities. Murapol's increase of proceeds can be promising for the office market.

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