Próżna grows pretty

A luxurious office building is going to be erected at Próżna St.

Kamienice at Próżna 7 and 9, which belong to Warimplex, undergo renovation works that begun in March. These two buildings, after being joined together, will be turned into a luxurious office building. These two tenement houses are going to have their nineteenth-century brilliance restored. Aside of offices there are also going to be luxurious shops, restaurants and a night club – as we read in “Życie Warszawy”.

On the other hand, the city authorities renovate a building at Próżna 12, which is planned to become a sanctuary for artists. Currently works inside the buildings are being conducted, the façade is also going to be included in the renovation works and is going to regain its original moulding and decorations. Galleries and art coffe shops are going to be located on the level of the floor that is being added. The cost of the investment is going to amount to 6 M PLN, in order to obtain the financing the officials have applied for inclusion of the building to Lokalny Program Rewitalizacji Zabytków Warszawy  (Local Programme for Revitalisation of Historic Buildings/Monuments of Warsaw). All renovation works are going to be completed in 2015. 

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