Which ski slopes are chosen by the Poles?

Livigno in Italy
Livigno in Italy
The number of Poles going abroad on ski trips is increasing and the alpine resorts arouse the greatest popularity. They have well-prepared ski slopes, well-developed hotel base and they are also affordable.

First and foremost, the Poles associate leisure with skis. Until recently, the vast majority have chosen Polish localities among which Zakopane was in the lead. However, more and more skiers are deciding to leave native Tatras or Pieniny in order to visit foreign resorts. According to Neckermann Poland data, 11 per cent more people will go abroad to ski this year in comparison to last year. It results primarily from stable prices which have not changed substantially during the last year and decrease in petrol prices because most of the Poles travel by their own car.


The Poles, similarly to tourists from other European countries the most eagerly go to alpine ski slopes, especially to resorts in Italy and Austria, where the infrastructure and well-prepared slopes allow to ski on different levels of advancement. The number one is Italy which is additionally chosen due to the sun and fantastic atmosphere on the slope. Among the most popular localities there are also Livigno, Val di Sole and the biggest ski carousel in Europe – Sellaronda which allows to ski four the most beautiful valleys in the Dolomites within one day – comments Magda Plutecka-Dydoń, press secretary in Neckermann Poland.


The Salzburg region with Zell am See-Kaprun arouses the greatest interest in Austria. The more advanced skiers and those who expect attractions after coming off the stoke often decide on Ischgl, that is Sölden region. More and more clients are choosing Switzerland which offers many price favorable ski structures against common opinions. People who travel with children or start their adventure with ski prefer rather closer regions, such as Czech Republic or Slovakia.


A ski holiday usually takes few days. We want to spend this time optimally, of course actively on the slope. Therefore, clients the most often and the most eagerly choose hotels located in the close proximity to slopes with a good access to ski schools and rental equipment services. If we think about a ski budget, we should note hotels with a skipass included in the price. This year, we offer a possibility to book a skipass in a travel agency at discount prices than on the spot – says Magda Plutecka-Dydoń.


The average cost of a ski holiday by a travel agency totals ca. 1650 zlotys per person. Moreover, we may save ca. 30 per cent with an earlier reservation. Last year, 28 per cent of skiers, that is 6 per cent more than in the last season, decided to go on holiday through travel agencies.

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