Problems on Xerox machine market

New technologies allow to reduce copying and printing documents almost by half. It is a great challenge for producers of office devices but on the other hand – it is also a chance to rev up.

We are struggling with the decreasing market of printing and copying – says Rafał Kozdryk, Commercial Director in Xerox Poland. – It is ca. 3 per cent per annum. Therefore, we have to resign from the model which so far has been applied in the region and in Poland, that is selling devices and simply services related to them.


As a result of occurring changes, Xerox company is going to offer their clients devices and services allowing to optimize processes directly connected with documents and their management. The new model is called „Next Generation MPS”. We are resigning from traditional models such as printing or copying unless in the form of an outsourcing service, that is financing. We are going in the direction of optimization of the work with documents, their management and effective usage of documents in electronic form – points out Rafał Kozdryk.


Foregoing methods concerning replicating and sending papers were very expensive and the modernization of tradition circulation of documents in a company may indicate real savings. Some expenses of big enterprises are related to printing and copying – judges Commercial Director in Xerox Poland. – It is a situation which, in case of big companies, translates itself into very big sums of money. Accordingly, Xerox has got the optimization offer for a very long time and it is not only the optimization of processes but also costs. It starts with an audit and devising a specific model for a company which in turn will allow it to save some money – and those savings would total even 40 per cent.


The new solutions are a great chance for companies from the industry to develop. Our sales strategy in Poland is being devised for next three years. It envisages one main aim: we have to grow double-digit – points out Rafał Kozdryk from Xerox Poland. – We are working on a new offer. Our company would like to support the market coverage and sales teams in order to achieve this goal.  

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