Every fifth Pole is planning to set up a company

The number of young entrepreneurs who are establishing start-ups in the area of new technologies is increasing in Poland. Nearly every fifth Pole is planning to set up his own company within the nearest three years.

The ones who start their companies in Poland are more and more young. The number of businesses set up by people in the age of 30 as well as the number of start-ups, companies in modern industries, are still increasing. Those young people the most often function in industries of modern technologies, such as IT or telecommunication – explains Bożena Lublińska-Kasprzak, chairman in the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. – To some degree, it was also caused by financial programs from public means which were aimed at establishment and support of those start-ups.


According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research, in which the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development took part, over 17 per cent of Poles are going to start their own company within the nearest three years. This result is by 10 percentage points lower than three years earlier, however, it still exceeds the EU average – by ca. 1,5 percentage points.


Over 9 per cent of adult Poles, that is 2,4 million people, are entrepreneurs in the early stage of activity who are going to set up a company or they managed to do it less than 3,5 years ago. In the whole European Union this rate totals 8 per cent.


Interestingly, the Polish entrepreneurs have great ambitions, aspirations or plans for the future. We are on the third place in Europe when it comes to the declaration of a company’s development. 39 per cent of Polish entrepreneurs claim that they will hire another five people in the following five years – comments Lublińska-Kasprzak.


Moreover, 27 per cent of entrepreneurs envisage creation of even 10 new work places within the following five years. The Poles are overtaken in the European Union only by Romanians and Latvians in the area of aspirations.


Undoubtedly, we have a lot of things to do in order to increase the number of entrepreneurs and their competitiveness on the market. At present, our average size of a company departs from the EU standard. Hence, our businessmen have to grow and become global companies, they need to develop their activities also on the foreign markets – convinces chairman in the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

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