Extension of Olivia Business Centre

Olivia Gate - one of the biggest offices in Gdańsk.

One of the first buildings from the series of seven or eight offices, which will be built within the biggest business-office centre in the northern Poland - Olivia Business Centre, will be Olivia Gate building.

Great popularity of the space caused that before the start of finishing works, the investor decided to design the next building, which works will start in the summer this year.
Investment is located in the neighbourhood of the Olivia Gdańsk Hall which is in the possession of businessman, Maciej Grabski, however a developer is a TPS company. Olivia Gate will have 18 000sqm of usable space.

The maximum usage of office spaces and responsiveness of its division will ensure a proper system of rooms and communication sequence. The advantage of the complex will be its power supply by two independent sources. It will let to miss problems resulting from the sudden stop of energy supply. The office will be one of the biggest buildings in Gdańsk.

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