Green Office soon to be completed

C building of the office complex in Cracow will rise in 2012. It belongs to Buma Group.

The last of the three phases of the implementation of Green Office investment, which is located near Czerwone Maki 82 street in Cracow, will be C building. It will have area of 10 000 sq meters. The investments is ran by Buma Group.

C building is about to be commissioned in 2012. Currently, the actions are being taken in order to commercialize it. Apart from office functions, there will also be commercial and service spaces in the building, e. g. self-service restaurant and press outlet. Moreover, additional 600 parking places will also appear.

Similarly to A and B building, ecological solutions are also used in the last one. Apart from using energy saving materials and technology, its investor also used intelligent systems. In the surroundings of the complex, the lightning powered by movement sensors and measurement of brightness were also mounted. Fittings contain photocells, which allows to save water. It is also planned to install power sockets for charging cars supplied with electricity.

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