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The realization of 12 office floors came to a close on the construction site of the first SkyRes Warszawska
A developer from Rzeszów completed a building of the last floor in SkyRes Warszawska structure.

The realization of 12 office floors came to an end on the construction site of the first large-area SkyRes Warszawska office in Rzeszów. Currently, the works related to the building of an Attica and installation of facade and elevation systems are being carrie out and installation works inside the office will start soon. 


SkyRes Warszawska is a modern office class A with a total area amounting to 25 648 sq. m. The office area, in turn, totals 19 381 sq. m. In a 14-tier building there will be i.a. spacious lobby with reception and canteen on the ground floor, underground garage for vehicles, stations for charging electric cars, parking places for bicycles as well as special showers and changing-rooms for bicyclists. The investment is intended for letting in whole and office floors offer open space area in a standard on the level of ca. 1600 sq. m. 


The office is being realized in accordance with trends present in the modern office market with the respect of norms and rules of sustainable construction – the structure will be certified in two systems – LEED and BREEAM


SkyRes Warszawska is located in a well-connected part of Rzeszów close to the city center at Warszawska and Lubelska Streets. The structure constitutes the first office building designed in SkyRes Complex, in which there are also residential buildings except for the office ones. Currently, the design works on another office building, that is SkyRes Lubelska, are lasting. All structures of SkyRes Complex are characterized by a modern architecture. SkyRes Warszawska was designed by 3D Architekci Sp. z o.o. studio.


Developres is a family business which is based on the Polish capital. It was founded in 2006. Developres was concentrated on the activity directly related to a complex preparation of investment projects connected with residential industry of multifamily construction. In 2012, the management board in Developres made a decision about extending the activity on the market of modern office area which resulted in the commencement of the building of SkyRes Warszawska office.  

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