New manager of Korczowa Dolina

The largest distribution centre has a new manager.

Waimea Property Management Sp. Z o.o. from Warsaw is going to be the manager of Korczowa Dolina – the largest distribution centre on the eastern border of European Union.


Negotiations of contracts with service companies are now entering the final stage. Hearings of the administrative staff of the complex are also final.


Centrum Dystrybucji Korczowa Dolina is a vast complex with a total leasable space of 45 000 sq. m. there are over 2 million of potential clients within its range, including approximately 800 000 of Lviv residents. Location of the centre in visa-free traffic zone will enable the Ukraine citizens to freely communicate and shop in the Centrum.


Three halls: Kijowska, Lwowska and Doniecka will be built as a part of the investment and which will share a car park with 2 200 stopping places. Tenants will be representatives of Polish and foreign companies from such industries as clothing, food, beauty supply, consumer electronics/home appliances, construction, furniture as well as automotive.


The investor is Korczowa Dolina Sp. Z o.o. and the majority of its shares belong to Waimea Holdings Limited. Brabant in cooperation with Doradztwo Inwestycyjne Sławomir Godyn are responsible for commercialization.

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