source: blogprawny.ghmw.pl
source: blogprawny.ghmw.pl
From 1th January, all doctors may issue a medical sick leave in electronic form. Traditional L4 is to be accepted till the end of 2017.

E-sick leaves will be sent to the Social Insurance Institution as well as employers via e-mail right from consulting rooms. The aim of this introduced solution is to improve the circulation of documents and simplification of procedures, and thus – saving some time, which patients and doctors were wasting while submitting forms personally.


MD Konstatny Radziwiłł, Secretary of the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists, emphasized that in order to introduce those innovations, first and foremost the infrastructure which enables such procedures is necessary. It means that consulting rooms have to be equipped with computers, adequate programs and connections guaranteeing safety sending of data concerning patients.


The modernization is certainly related to substantial expenses. Konstanty Radziwiłł points out that costs of such activities burden the Social Insurance Institution, as an entity which should be responsible for financing of issuing L4. It would not be good if medical establishments or doctors had to spend money in order to adjust themselves to the system – comments Secretary of the Chamber of Physicians and Dentists.  


The innovations are being implemented in places where it is possible due to lack of proper infrastructure. 

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