Paternity leave is becoming more and more popular

129 thousand fledgling fathers decided to benefit from a two-week paternity leave last year.

The paternity leave came into force in 2011 and since then the interest in benefitting from it has been systematically arousing among men. The number of willing fathers has increased, especially within two years, that is from the moment when it was extended. 


Since then, all fathers have obtained a right to two paid weeks of a paternity leave, no matter if a mother is on a maternity, additional or parent leave – explains Radosław Milczarski from Social Insurance Institution.


One may benefit from a paternity leave when their child is at least one year old. It is not important if a father is in a formal relationship with a mother or not. The benefit is also granted to a man who adopted a child, provided that they are not older than seven years old or – when a decision about deferment of their compulsory education has been made – ten years old.


In order to go on a paternity leave, a man is obliged to submit a leave request to employer with a shortened birth certificate of a child not later than seven days before a planned holiday – informs Radosław Milczarski. A father receives 100 per cent of his remuneration during a leave.

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