A passive office building is constructed in Katowice

Euro-Centrum Science & Technology Park invited bids for a passive office building – its new seat.

Proposals of designs of a new seat of Euro-Centrum Science & Technology Park can be submitted by the 25th May 2011. Tender order includes the design of a building and the adjacent area. The project with the space of over 6 000 sqm is of a commercial, office, laboratory and implementation character.

The office building will be located at 103 Ligocka Street in Katowice. The building's character is a challenge for the designers, since as a passive building, it has to take into account certain design standards, which provide very good insulation parametres with the use of a number of solutions, aiming at minimising energy consumption during operating in the building as well as exclusion of hydraulic heating system. The following methods will be used for heating: sunlight, heat recovery ventilation, or heat gains coming from internal resources (electrical devices, residents).

Upon the request of contractors the following documents will be made accessible: design documentation, bills of quantities, technical specification of execution and work acceptance. Contractors are required to enter a deposit to the amount of PLN 750 000. The main contractor selected in a tender has 18 months for completing the investment. Detailed information about the tender can be found on Park's website.   

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