More offices in the suburbs

Foreign companies more often open its offices in Poland.


Foreign companies more often open its offices in Poland. One of the main assets of our country is its central location, infrastructure development and access to well-qualified workforce. Investors also choose Polish office market because of lower operating costs - quotes

One of the most crucial factors influencing the choice of office space is location. Companies, which have to have a direct contact with customers choose the offices in the city centre, so to make it easily accessible. Businesses which don't need to have the final contact with customers choose offices in the suburbs.

In the past years, a noticed trend on the commercial property market was migration of leaseholders. De-localizing of offices often resulted from company's development and a need to possess a bigger space, number of parking places, increasing requirement regarding the standard. The location of the company in the suburbs has many assets. Among some we can enumerate the possibility of lower lease costs and lack of problems connected with traffic in mid-town districts. Many companies lease offices in the suburbs because there is lack of available space in the city centre e.g. Warsaw.

The most expanding location in Warsaw are Aleje Jerozolimskie, Wola and Mokotów. There are Powstańców Śląskich Street ( towards Bielany Wrocławskie) and Legnicka Street (towards an airport from Quatro Forum) in Wrocław. In Tri-City: Aleja Grunwaldzka and ring road in the airport's area. We can notice an expansion along Piłsudski Street and in Teofilów Przemysłowy estate in Łódz.

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