AZ Tower

Building of the highest office in the Czech republic will be finalised in May 2013.

AZ Tower, almost 110 metres, will be built in Brno and will be the highest skyscraper in the Czech Republic - quotes portal Start of construction work is planned on the second half of April, the building will be higher by half of the meter from Prague's City Tower (109 metres). Building was supposed to start in 2008, however the project of the building was too high and the same it put air communication at risk.

The skyscraper will distinguish itself with not only the height, but also with hardy white and orange colour matching. In office despite of office space will be also: shops, cafés, restaurants and luxurious apartments at the highest floors of the building.

Development company Properity deals with this investment, instead a main contractor is PJS company. Investment is worth 32,8 million of Euro. The finalization of the construction is planned on May 2013.

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