Cybercom develops in Łódź

Cybercom, which functions in the IT industry, is opening a new department in Łódź and it is increasing the employment.

The Swedish Cybercom company is going to open a new department in Łódź which will be responsible for delivering solutions to one of the most important clients. Therefore, 50 people – mainly computer programmers and IT administrators – will be hired in the company in the nearest months. In 2016, other 100 computer programmers will find a job there. This company trusted our city as the first one in the IT industry because it made a decision about location of the office in Łódź in 2005. The choice was made due to location, personnel and development possibilities. At present, the company is thinking about a new project. Hence, they made a really good decision – comments Marek Cieślak, the Deputy Mayor of Łódź.


The partnership has been functioning in Poland since 1997. As one of the first foreign investors of the IT sector, the company opened a department in Łódź in 2005. Cybercom Poland is a member of the Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce, the Forum of Bank Technology, ICT Central Poland Cluster and ABSI. The concern is specialized in Internet solutions, safety as well as mobile and telecommunication services. Moreover, it provides consulting, outsourcing, testing and R&D services for big and medium companies. At present, it hires over 170 computer programmers and IT experts, over 120 of which work in Łódź.


The main reason for development of the headquarters in Łódź is the market of talents. We have been functioning here for ten years and we managed to attract the best experts to the company and thus we may develop. The second reason of our presence in Łódź is that the Nordic world perfectly signs itself in such a location. The third important issue is the fact that the activity in Łódź meets the expectations of Scandinavian clients – emphasizes Niklas Flyborg, president and CEO in Cybercom Poland.


Cybercom Poland is a part of the Swedish Cybercom group which has been recorded on the NASDAQ OMX stock exchange in Stockholm since 1999. The headquarters of the group is situated in Stockholm. At present, Cybercom owns 22 departments located in 6 countries in Europe (Denmark, Finland, Poland and Sweden) and Asia (India and Singapore). The employment in the whole group amounts to over 1200 experts.


We are well-known in Łódź. Our company is distinguished by a unique approach to employees. Moreover, we were awarded on numerous occasions. Therefore, we have many advantages which attract candidates. When it comes to atmosphere, we are still the best and we will not change it – says Marcin Siech, managing director in Cybercom Poland, in order to encourage employees to apply for the job in a developing company.


The present headquarters of the company from Łódź is located in the Faktoria Business Center at Dowborczyków 25 Street.  


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