Development of Łódź Faktoria

Faktoria Business Center, pic by
Faktoria Business Center, pic by
The works related to development of Faktoria Business Center are coming to a close. A newly built structure is going to offer 525 sq. m of office space which will increase the whole size of the complex to over 3 300 sq. m.

The extension of Faktoria Business Center, which is located at Dowborczyków Street in Łódź, was commenced in 2014 as a response to increasing demand for office areas on the Łódź market. The new part of Faktoria is completed in 90 per cent and its commission is planned on the second and third quarter of 2015.


The architectural style of the office buildings, which are currently being realized, refer to industrial development which is a common element of the city architecture in Łódź. The new part of Faktoria, which was designed by the G3 Architekci studio, is a combination of modernity with industrial style. A potential tenant will have office modules from 60 sq. to 175 sq. m at their disposal with a possibility of freely arrangement of the available area. Moreover, the office open space area will be equipped with i.a. suspended ceilings, telecommunication systems, air conditioning and monitoring. Moreover, there will be also training and conference halls, restaurant and car park.


Faktoria Business Center was opened in 2002 in the building of an old Henryk Wagner Motorów factory. The properties in which the structure is located were purchased by the FAKTORIA partnership in 2000 and then they were modernized and renovated in an industrial architectural style. The complex was bought back by P.H.U. STANLEY nine years later.


Faktoria Business Center is located in the very heart of Łódź in close proximity to Dworzec Fabryczny and Piotrkowska Street which contributes to increase in attractiveness of this place for a potential tenant.


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