The erection of Andersia has begun.

In the town centre of Poznań, namely Anders Square, the Andersia Business Center project has begun. The building works has begun in the basement.

A project by Andersia Business Center has begun in the town centre, on the Aders square, of Poznań.  Construction works has begun on the underground level. – informs „Głos Wielkopolski”.

It is the third stage of construction works of this complex. Poznań Financial Center (PFC), Andersia&Tower as well as Novotel Centrum Poznań dominate the vicinity of Andersia office building (ABC).

Andersia is going to be the lowest office building with five floors above the ground level and two underground floors – an underground parking with 170 lots, 14, 5 sqm each. From the further lecture, we learn that an illuminated and built up municipal arcade will form a passage among buildings (PFC, Andersian&Tower as well as ABC) to the internal square. The investment is estimated at about 33-mln pln.

At present the contractor that is responsible for the underground, parking has been chosen, the parking in question is going to be finished by October, this year. The construction of the aboveground part is expected to begin when the developer will find a sufficient number of office tenants. Con der Heyden Group, the investor, is also planningAndersia Silver project – a 116 metre. It will be the last phase of the development. – adds the gazette.

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