ECO Revitalization of Battersea power station's area in London.

The revitalization plan of power station's area is one of the most expected projects in Great Britain.

The company Cushman & Wakefield has been chosen to be a sole agent responsible for securing of funding sources for an revitalization project of an old power station's area in Battersea in London by an Irish investment company functioning on a property market of Real Estate Opportunities.

The revitalization plan of power station's area is one of the most expected projects in Great Britain. A multi-functional complex will emerge, on area which has over 16ha. It will offer about 771 000sqm of retail, office, entertaining and residential space. The main element of an architectural idea will be the renovated power station.

Rafael Vinoly was the architect responsible for compiling a general revitalization plan. Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment awarded a project and described it as an intelligent and ecological investment.

Detail plans of investment were in public disclosure at Wandsworth Council at the end of 2009. Generally, the project gained 82% of positive votes. Property developer, Treasury Holdings, expects that relief decisions will be handed down this year.

The company Cushman & Wakefield constituted a special team, which consists of specialist from many departments providing services in retail, office and residential spaces, capital markets as well as in financial and development services. This team will be responsible for completion of the project. Due to the usage of a global platform the team will get an opportunity to look for investors in both Americas, EMEA, Asia and Pacific region. The start of the marketing campaign is planned at the turn of spring and summer.

Rob Tincknell, managing Director of co-partnership Treasury Holdings, Investment Manager in Real Estate Opportunities said: We're glad to cooperate with Cushman & Wakefield. We're currently preparing to take part in extensive talks with potential investors. We'll start the negotiations after we've received a land development conditions decision. We're deeply convinced that location and a character of the investment will attract international investors.

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