Cooperation of science and business is crucial for Polish economy

Deputy Minister Janusz Piechociński during press briefing in KIC InnoEnergy
Deputy Minister Janusz Piechociński during press briefing in KIC InnoEnergy
The politics of the country in the area of innovation, National Intelligent Specializations, funds for social innovations and cooperation of science with business were main subjects of the meeting of deputy minister Janusz Piechociński in the KIC InnoEnergy company in Cracow.

The meeting of the ministry of economy Janusz Piechociński was held on 17th August in the headquarters of KIC InnoEnergy. The deputy minister ensured that the Ministry of Economy supports entrepreneurs who are planning and realizing investments in advanced technologies and environment innovations. Therefore, we devised Development Program for Companies which includes a complex system of support with a special emphasis put on the aspect of innovativeness. Only such solutions may guarantee competitiveness on the global market – points out deputy minister.


The head of the ministry discussed the document titled National intelligent specialization which constitutes a part of Development Program for Companies. The document points out areas of research and development activity in which an entrepreneur has a great development potential and bigger chances for competitive advantage in the world. Its aim is to increase innovativeness of enterprises which will be reflected in fast economic development and it will allow to create new and better work places. First and foremost, we want to achieve it by using new technologies and support of companies based on innovative solutions – says deputy minister.


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