GTC with a new logo and strategy

New logo of GTC
A new logo of Globe Trade Center (GTC) symbolizes a new strategy adopted by the company and it is a promise of future development.

GTC is a company which functions in the sector of commercial properties in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. It has recently presented a new logo which is a symbol of the company's evolution started by changes made in the structure of stock ownership. The mentioned change consisted in takeover by a bigger owner – Lone Star with ca. 55% of shares in GTC. In result, the company adopted a new strategy which consists in i.a. investing in regional and profitable properties, enhancing incomes with the use of active management of present portfolio and enhancing cash flows by realization of chosen developer investments.


Thanks to over twenty years of experience in the region, a wide portfolio of profitable properties, significant increase by new investments in the region, carefully chosen canvassings and agreement of shareholders to increase our capital, we are ready to quicken our growth once again. Our new logo is a symbol of these changes and development, the next stage of which we are achieving with benefit for our investors, tenants, employees and local societies – said Thomas Kurzmann, GTC Chief Executive Officer.


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